About the firm

Cable Car Capital LLC is a San Francisco-based investment adviser founded in September 2013. Cable Car offers a concentrated, hedged value investing strategy through separately managed accounts. Cable Car’s registration with the state securities authority of California became effective on November 8, 2013. Cable Car offers discretionary investment management services to both individuals and institutions of all sizes.

Cable Car makes a hedge fund-like strategy available to everyday investors



The firm emphasizes transparency and accountability. Clients hold accounts at a well-capitalized third-party custodian and have full visibility into the performance of investments in their portfolios. Cable Car does not impose lock-ups, allowing clients to make deposits and withdrawals at will. Cable Car frequently describes its investments on the blog and welcomes questions and comments from current and prospective clients.

Clients maintain full ownership of their brokerage accounts



Cable Car’s fees fund an intensive, full-time fundamental research effort. The firm conducts extensive due diligence on prospective investments, building detailed financial models, speaking with industry experts, interviewing management teams, and traveling to visit companies worldwide. Cable Car takes advantage of its small size to be nimble in fast-moving markets, while looking forward to devoting additional resources to research as the firm grows.

Cable Car covers all research costs using its own resources



Prior to founding Cable Car, Jacob Ma-Weaver worked in corporate, long-only, and long/short contexts. With more than eight years of investment-related professional experience and a lifelong interest in investing, Jacob is an experienced financial analyst and market participant.

Jacob began his career as a Corporate Finance Business Analyst in the Corporate Performance Center at McKinsey & Company in New York before moving to San Francisco, where he helped cover global retail and telecom companies at Dodge & Cox, a $200 billion mutual fund known for its value orientation. Jacob was later employed as a generalist long/short analyst at Amici Capital, formerly known as Porter Orlin, one of the original Jones-model hedge funds founded in 1976.

Jacob graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Comparative Literature & Society and Economics, cum laude, and an MA in Statistics. He is fluent in German and proficient in Mandarin Chinese. Jacob is also a CFA charterholder.

  • Corporate Finance Business Analyst, McKinsey
  • Associate, Dodge & Cox
  • Analyst, Amici Capital

  • BA in Comparative Literature and Economics, Columbia
  • MA in Statistics, Columbia
  • CFA charterholder
  • English, German, and Chinese fluency