What is Cable Car’s investment strategy?

Cable Car provides a concentrated, hedged approach to value investing. Cable Car seeks to purchase securities when they are priced below intrinsic value and sell or short-sell securities that it believes are overvalued. Cable Car’s portfolio is composed of a small number of investment opportunities that it believes offer the most attractive trade-off between risk and potential returns. Cable Car arrives at its estimate of intrinsic value through rigorous fundamental research, including detailed financial and industry analysis.

Within these broad parameters, Cable Car implements company- and security-specific trading strategies and risk-management techniques designed to reduce exposure to broad market movements and identified risk factors. More information on the firm’s methods of analysis can be found in Item 8 of the Form ADV brochure and on the investment approach page of this website.

Prospective clients are encouraged to read recent commentary on the blog and contact the firm to learn more. Sample investment write-ups are available on request.

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